"For the Birds" Card Workshop - Saturday, July 19

Hello. I wanted to let everyone know about our "For the Birds" card workshop coming up this weekend.  We have already held this workshop earlier in the month and everyone that attended absolutely loved the cards and we are having a repeat workshop this weekend.  Please keep in mind, if you are not local to the Charleston/Summerville area of South Carolina, my workshops are also available by mail!  Here is a pic of the cards we will be making at this workshop:

All the cards use the stamp set "For the Birds".  All the cards are the standard card size of 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  All these cards require coloring so we used the color markers in the class along with some watercoloring as well.  There is also lots of texture and 3D elements to the little bird in the nest, which I just LOVE!

Workshop fee is $15.00 and that includes all supplies.  You simply need to provide your scissors and adhesive of your choice.  If you would like to come on Saturday, or purchase a kit through the mail, let me know by Thursday evening.  Would love to have you over!

Tina's Tool Tip Tuesday..........Glue Dots

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I am back with our weekly Tool Tip and we are still sticking to the topic of those tools that everyone should consider having in their basic "toolbox" for card making or scrapbooking.    Today we are talking about another type of adhesive.  Here they are:

Have you used glue dots before? If not, you do not know what you are missing.  I LOVE glue dots as they are a nice "clean" adhesive - as I don't like anything that makes a mess.  What I mean by that is they are not a "liquid" glue, they require no drying time, they are instant adhesive, and have no fumes and no mess.  As I said, I don't "do messy" so I use these little babies whenever I need to adhere any type of embellishment to my cards or scrapbook pages.  They work fantastic for adhering delicate items such as all types and sizes of ribbon but also strong enough to hold heavier embellishments like buttons securely. 

They come on a roll and you simply press your item you are wanting to adhere, such as a button, straight on the dot on the paper roll and when you lift your button, the glue dot will magically "jump off" the paper roll and onto your button.  Then you simply press your button on your project and voila it is safe and secure!

We currently sell glue dots in one size - mini - which is 3/16" wide.  They work great on small items, and if you have something larger, you can easily use multiple glue dots.  They are only $4.95 for a box of 300 dots.....that is a lot of glue!

If you have an issue with a tool or want to know what tool is available to make an "issue" you experience more easier for you, let me know and we will add that to our future tool tip talks!

Weekly Wednesday Winner is.........

Good morning and Happy Thursday!  This day is flying by and I cant believe it is already time to announce another  winner here at Owl Night Stamper!  If you have came across this blog somehow and wonder what Weekly Wednesday Winner is, please come over to our facebook page (link on my home page) as every Wednesday we have a "Roll Call" and anyone that checks in is automatically in the running to win a goodie! Sometimes it is a free card class, sometimes it is craft supplies, you just never know what you may win on any given week!  I hope to see you there soon.

........ Amanda Balow!

Thanks Amanda for coming over and playing with us this week.  From your comments yesterday I see you are not local but live in Ohio!  So please private message us on facebook with your mailing address and I will get a little goodie sent out to you in the mail!  Please also let us know if you are a card maker, scrapbooker or neither but want to start!

Thanks again to everyone that played this week!  Each week we get new players. :)

Tina's Tool Tip Tuesday.........Stampin' Trimmer

Hello everyone.  Here I am with your "Tool Tip Tuesday" . .   . . on a Wednesday.  I know. How sad is that?  All I can tell you is I went upstairs to take a quick shower before I sat down to write my post last night and hubby was hogging the bathroom.  So.....I laid down on the bed to wait for him to get out and the next thing I know it was 7:05 AM this morning and I was still laying on the bed......in my clothes....WITH MY SHOES ON!!!! Yes....he let me lay like that all night long.  Guess he figured I needed the sleep more than a shower and the removal of my shoes at least........

Anyhoo.....I am here with my one of my NEW BFFs!!  I have been scrapbooking and card making now for YEARS and have had various paper cutters over time but for whatever reason never put the Stampin' Up! Stampin' Trimmer on my list of things I "needed".   Well......wish someone would have told me about 10 years ago I needed it.  Here he is:

Handsome huh?  I know what you are thinking (because I have thought it for the last several years) - What makes this trimmer so special? Well..... I will tell you!

Most paper trimmers on the market, at least all the ones I have had, only have a 5" "cutting base" (where you lay your paper).  As you know, when you cut cardstock to make cards a lot of times you need to cut it 5 1/2" inches wide which would mean you pull the little extra arm out. Seems like no biggy, but the past two trimmers I have had did not have a mark for 5 1/2" so I had to "guess" each time where to cut it. Sometimes it worked, and as my card class members will tell you.....sometimes it didn't.  This handsome fellow has a 6 1/4" inch cutting base!!!!!!  That alone makes me love him! In addition to the 6 1/4" inch base, the ruler arm will extend giving you an extra wide 14 1/2" measuring area for extra large projects.  LOVE.

In addition to that, this trimmer comes with not only a cutting blade, but also a scoring blade.  AND, I know what you are thinking "that's great, but where do I put the "extra" blade when I am cutting and/or scoring?" - -   In the nifty storage compartment that is on the underside of your trimmer.  SWEET!

You can also purchase "optional" rotary blades to put on your cutter to make not only wave or scalloped cut edges, but there is also a "perforated blade" that will perforate your paper if you want to make something with a tear-off.  That blade is next up on my wish list.

I just love him and I just know you will too.  He sells for $29.95 and the replaceable blades are only $5.95 for TWO blades, our choice of two cutting or two scoring. 

This would make a perfect gift not only for yourself but anyone in your life that loves paper crafting!

Weekly Wednesday Winner is.............

................. Ashley Woods!  Ashley you have won a free basic card class.  Congratulations. Thanks to everyone that came over and played, you can't win if you don't play - - and we play every Wednesday so make sure and come back each week.  Ashley, please comment here or on our facebook page, or send us a private message on facebook to claim your prize.  Our next classes with open spots at this moment are July 19 (For the Birds Class) and then August 10 and 16 are classes where we will be making all Birthday Cards.  Just let me know what date you would like a spot held for you!

Have a great rest of your week and hopefully everyone is able to enjoy the long weekend ahead!  My plan is to lock myself in my craft room all day Saturday!

Tina's Tool Tip Tuesday - - Adhesive Remover

I am here to introduce you to one of my best friends in the craft room.  Here he is:

He doesn't look like much does he?  You are probably thinking to yourself, what is that?! Is it a pat of parmesan cheese? A pat of butter?  Sponge Bob Square Pants without his pants?!  But no - he is none of those things....He is a 2" x 2" square of heaven known as your new best friend Mr. Adhesive Remover.

I know you are probably thinking he doesn't look like much so probably shouldn't be a friend of yours, but you trust me don't you?  And this little friend only cost $3.50 and last forever! How many friends do you know cost you less than $3.50 and remain a friend for a lifetime?  LOL

Have you ever designed a card, a scrapbook page or any other paper crafting only to notice a "glue sheen" where you have pieced things together, or heaven forbid the dreaded glob of glue stuck to the back of your card from not keeping your crafting area clean of adhesive?  Well, this is where your little friend will come in handy.  You simply rub him like you would an eraser over a mistake and "voila!" the glue residue disappears without a trace! No smudges, no discolored paper, just a clean slate.  I Love him!

Do you have one? If not, what are you waiting for? Everyone can use a new best friend!

Weekly Wednesday Winner is........

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you had a great week and looking forward to the weekend that is fast approaching. I am busy at my "real job" today, but wanted to pop in real quick to announce the winner of yesterday's Weekly Winner Wednesday!
Janice Ormiston!! Congratulations Janice and thank you for playing with Owl Night Stampers. Please make sure and "check-in" here on the blog or on our facebook page to let me know you realize you are the winner. Then private message me with your mailing address so I can get your Stampin' Up! goody in the mail to you.